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Rebecca Bullok

Operations Director

As Operations Director, Rebecca connects the dots cross-studio to confirm and enable robust processes and clarity for everyone to do their best work. Whether it be consulting on business development practices and offerings, verifying tool usage and workflows, or reviewing reporting to advise on team casting and advancement, Rebecca is happy to be deeply entrenched in everything we do. She also works at the forefront of our Care program and enjoys working closely with clients and internal teams to grow that portfolio and advance our practices.

Prior to her shift into Operations, Rebecca was a Production Director at AREA 17 and completed engagements with  The New School, Open Society Foundations, New York Times, and Zappos, among many others. Before that, Rebecca was a Project Manager at Huge, where she worked on a wide variety of digital projects for clients such as Chase, Kohl's, and Nokia. She graduated with a BA from the University of Michigan in German and Philosophy, which included enough interdisciplinary study and European adventures to prepare her well for life at AREA 17.

When not living the producer life, Rebecca can be found exploring the city with her toddler (Astra), knitting sweaters, singing everything from opera to '90s rap, and buying too many books. And while mom life has reordered some priorities, she also loves getting lost on foreign soil — most recently in Japan, Morocco, and Sri Lanka.