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Living our best lives makes our best work

  • Happening At A17 02

    Martin and David present the awards at Club DDA

  • Happening At A17 01

    Celebrating Jewish and APPI heritage month

  • Happening At A17 03

    George teaches us how to make hummus for Arab heritage month

  • Happening At A17 04

    Dr. Nicole Nasr talks mental health with us

  • Happening At A17 05

    Celebrating Pride 2023!

  • Happening At A17 06

    Investing in tools to measure the carbon impact of digital

  • Happening At A17 08

    Our COO, Hannah spoke at SXSW 23

We view culture through the lens of life, where work is fulfilling and everyone belongs

Rather than balancing work and life as opposite ends of a spectrum, we invite life into work and celebrate life outside of work. This approach creates shared experiences, cultivates learning and prioritizes wellbeing, allowing everyone to contribute as their best self and ensuring their health, growth and fulfillment.

Creating shared experiences

We celebrate individuality and design programming that allows us to feel connected as we share who we are with each other. Our clubhouse model offers hybrid and remote work in a human-centered environment. We encourage people to choose what works for them and find their personal place and responsibility within the community.

Whether in Paris or New York or working remotely, our ongoing team weeks, committees, and programming create shared experiences and unite us as one team.

  • Local clubhouses
  • Hybrid/remote workplace
  • Modular workweek
  • Team week
  • ‘Life & Times’ newsletter
  • DEI committee
  • Belonging series
  • Social committee
  • Global assemblies
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Cultivating learning

We understand that everyone’s professional journey is unique and cultivate a place that supports individual growth, aspirations, and motivations to find purpose and meaning in our work. Celebrating learning and a shared pursuit of growth propels us forward.  

Whether through coaching, training programs, mentorship, or open-source contributions, we aim to activate personal potential and ensure we thrive as a community.

  • Open source environment
  • Coaching program
  • Educational partnerships
  • Apprenticeships
  • Feedback training
  • Mentorship
  • Specialty training

Prioritizing wellbeing

We’re committed to the well-being of our team members beyond conventional perks. We advocate for authentic care, understanding and trust that supports our team's diverse and collective needs. By proactively facilitating wellness, we create a more sustainable environment where we can flourish personally and professionally.

Whether through a flexible hybrid/ remote model, our modular workweek, or shared time off, we aim for genuine care for people’s unique needs to support personal wellbeing and community strength.

  • Shared time-off
  • No-cap time off
  • Free healthcare
  • Pay transparency
  • Family planning & support
  • Hybrid/remote workplace
  • Curated workweek
  • Headspace wednesdays

Join our team

We’re always looking to meet people who share our cultural values of courage, kindness, rigor, curiosity and individuality. If that sounds like you, please get in touch.

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