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Lieveke (Liv) Peeters

People Operations Director

As People Operations Director, Liv (she/her) uses conversations, background research, and storytelling to learn what motivates people to do their best work—after all, we spend approximately 90,000 hours of our life at work, so we better make it worthwhile. In her position, Liv accelerates this process by connecting people, asking questions, and strategizing ideas and incentives that help create a great work environment.

Liv was born and raised in the Netherlands. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master's degree in Strategic Human Resource Management from the University of Utrecht. Liv started her career as a recruiter in the Netherlands, then dove deeper into the world of People/HR when she moved to the USA. This journey has led her from a tech start-up to a young FinTech company, to the advertising industry, and eventually to AREA 17.

Liv can completely lose herself in a good story (whether that’s a book, a tv-show, a true-crime podcast, or a conversation). She spends most of her free time biking or running on trails, roads, and hills in Central Park. But most of all, she loves to spend time with friends, a good glass of wine, and a cheese platter in a cute cabin somewhere upstate NY.