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Laurens van Heems

Senior Interface Engineer

As a Senior Interface Engineer with a passion for technology, user experience design, and interaction, Laurens loves adding little details to the user interface to make a smooth and intuitive interaction. He is most content when seeing interfaces come to life and crafting a seamless experience between native and web.

Prior to joining AREA 17, Laurens was working in-house at Bloomberg. Before that he worked as a senior creative developer at Your Majesty for clients including New York Times Conferences and BMW. Laurens grew up in the tulip area in The Netherlands before moving to Rotterdam. He attended the Hogeschool van Rotterdam where he studied Media Technology. After graduating, he worked at several agencies in Rotterdam before coming stateside in 2014.

A big fan of everything music, Laurens plays guitar (and is a bit of a collector!). He attends a lot of live shows and can’t go a day without Spotify. He loves road trips, hiking, and biking when he’s not exploring the fine restaurants and bars of his neighborhood, Greenpoint.