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Jesse Golomb

Senior Strategist

As a Senior Strategist, Jesse leads AREA 17’s product teams and partnerships toward success. Drawing on his background in the media industry and in the startup world, he specializes in crafting editorial experiences that excite both intuitive exploration and long-term engagement.

Before working for AREA 17, Jesse began his career as a journalist. Working in newsrooms large and small, Jesse witnessed firsthand the industry’s struggle to bridge an emerging digital divide. From there, Jesse embarked on a series of adventures in the world of entrepreneurship, aiming to chart the trajectory of innovation and acquire the tools needed to help organizations navigate digital change. Along the way, he served as an advisor to early-stage startup founders, an early-stage operator himself, and a venture analyst for VC firms and Fortune 500 companies. Together, these experiences exposed him to countless companies and markets and honed an instinct for binding product roadmaps, business models, and brands closer together. 

At AREA 17, Jesse has put this blend of experience to use in our partnerships with Harvard’s Radcliffe and Wyss Institutes, the Public Media Group of Southern California, and The Economist Group, just to name a few. He also acted as the product owner and strategist for the launch of Twill, an open-source content management toolkit crafted by AREA 17. When not glued to his email, Slack, or Twitter feeds, you can find him reading a book, listening to hip-hop, or eating spicy food — ideally, a combination of the three!