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Jesse Golomb


As a producer, Jesse guides the build of digital products from their beginning through full bloom. His specialty is leading workflows with timely execution and a razor-sharp focus on the details. Project management includes collaboration, creativity and agile thinking which Jesse believes are not mutually exclusive, but rather the prerequisites for excellent work. To date, Jesse has implemented this approach through our partnerships with The Art Institute of Chicago, The New School, The Aspen Ideas Festival, and the Barnes Foundation. He also serves a similar role on the development and launch of Twill, an open-source CMS crafted by AREA 17.

Before joining AREA 17, Jesse led strategic engagements for early-stage entrepreneurs and corporations aiming to create and launch new ventures, before which he was an analyst for a firm that evaluated startups for potential investors. His diverse experiences in the worlds of entrepreneurship and product allow him to hone an instinct for engaging user experiences and production processes and methodologies. Originally a journalist, Jesse is passionate about the media space. He always has his eyes peeled for creative approaches to the challenges media organizations face. When not glued to his email, Slack, or Twitter feed, you can find him reading a book, listening to hip-hop, or eating spicy food – maybe even a combination of the three!