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Jesse Golomb

Senior Strategist

As a senior strategist, Jesse pinpoints key insights and user motivations that frame products for success. His ability to ask the right questions to unearth compelling opportunities allows him to conceive strategic roadmaps that empower product teams. Jesse has contributed this approach through our partnerships with The Art Institute of Chicago, The New School, The Aspen Ideas Festival, and the Barnes Foundation. He also worked as the product owner and strategist for the launch of Twill, an on open-source CMS toolkit crafted by AREA 17. 

Before joining AREA 17, Jesse worked in the startup world — first, as a strategist for entrepreneurs and corporations aiming to imagine and validate new ventures, and later, as an analyst for a firm that evaluated startups for investors. These adventures in the worlds of entrepreneurship and product helped him hone an instinct for engaging user experiences and the tactics that produce them. Originally a journalist, Jesse is passionate about the media space. He always has his eyes peeled for creative approaches to the challenges media organizations face. When not glued to his email, Slack, or Twitter feed, you can find him reading a book, listening to hip-hop, or eating spicy food — ideally, a combination of the three!