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Isaac Daniels

Senior Designer

In his approach as a Senior designer, Isaac is interested in the realm of design that is modernism through the lens of a post-modern world. Venturing into the space that everyone has been before, but looking for something new. Formally, these explorations manifest into systems. Often using mathematical functions and proportional relationships as the foundation of a visual language.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Kendall College of Art and Design, Isaac moved to California to start his design career at Visual Supply Company (VSCO). Deciding to once again switch coasts, Isaac found AREA 17 in New York City. Since joining AREA 17, Isaac has worked on clients such as Clinique, Precision Run, and in his own words "my baby, Getty".

In his personal realm, Isaac finds ways to stay active and engaged with his community. Most mornings you can find him riding his track bike around Prospect Park, or through the paths in Central Park. As a self-described creature of habit, Isaac is known as a regular at local record and coffee shops. If you still haven’t seen him, Isaac is most likely at a punk venue, front and center, screaming every word to every song with the bands he loves.