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Isaac Daniels


As a Designer, Isaac is motivated and driven by a quote from Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby’s Speculative Everything— "It's about meaning and culture, about adding to what life could be, challenging what it is, and providing alternatives that loosen the ties reality has on our ability to dream. Ultimately, it is a catalyst for social dreaming." His work is influenced by the Suprematism movement, Bauhausian theory, and the International style.

Isaac received his BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design where he studied graphic design and minored in photography. His work was awarded "Best of the Show" at the student level of the American Advertising Awards. After school, he moved to the Bay Area to join VSCO’s design team to work on the company re-brand and flagship application.

Outside of work, you might find Isaac riding his bike around the city, or skateboarding at the skatepark. If not there, you may find him at a concert in the "thick of the pit." Or, spending his disposable income amassing large amounts of records.