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Carolyn Centeno Milton

Group Branding Director

As a Group Branding Director, Carolyn approaches her work by thinking holistically about the ideals businesses champion, the experiences they promote, and how they can inspire positive interactions with their employees and consumers. Through connecting human truths and business decisions, Carolyn hopes to impact the world in a way that drives culture forward. She takes this approach at AREA 17 by working with strategists, designers and engineers to make brand and experience a dynamic reality across a variety of strategic and creative challenges.

Before joining AREA 17, Carolyn founded a company called The We Age which seeks to explore female leadership in neuroscience, business and wellness, with the goal of inspiring people to become limitless in work and life, individually and collectively. Carolyn also regularly contributes to ForbesWomen, interviewing female leaders to explore similar topics. She also co-built a brand and innovation agency Form& and has led business and offering development for Wolff Olins, IDEO and Dragon Rouge.

In a previous life, she was an architect, and earned her Masters from Parsons and a BA in religion and art history from Dartmouth college. When not building brands and experiences, Carolyn enjoys being a certified sound practitioner, leading sounds meditations, enjoying life, and living in Brooklyn with her husband.