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Our clients are actively shaping how people work, live, and connect. Together, we strive to co-create the world we want to live in. By creating brands, experiences, and technology that become fundamental to our interactions, we can be agents for change. As we enter our third decade in business, we continue to embody this purpose through our values of craft, impact, and soul.

Delivering through craft
Craft is good for business. We combine aesthetics and functionality to create value.
Engaging for impact
We should enhance life, not distract from it. We align social impact with business success.
Operating with soul
Great work starts with living great lives. We cultivate well-being, fulfillment, and belonging.

These values act as a living framework that steers everything we do, from our work to our approach to our culture and DEI mission.

Area 17 Name Origin
Our name refers to the visual cortex of the brain, where senses converge to create vision.

Creating a different kind of agency

In a time when the internet was still grappling with its identity, Arnaud Mercier and George Eid met and quickly realized that their ideals were aligned: apply modernist design principles to the web, treat our craft as interdisciplinary, and recognize that good work comes from living good lives.

Arnaud was a trailblazer in interactive design and development. George was a strategist, storyteller, and technologist. Together, they challenged the artificial distinctions between brand, experience, and technology, seeing them as one. This still holds true today. 

Meet our team

Specialists by trade and interdisciplinary by nature, we’re an international team from 18 countries, speaking 13 languages. Inspired by the world around us and united by our values, we come together to have a positive impact through our craft.

View a permanent online collection devoted to the work of Arnaud Mercier, widely considered to be among the most important and prolific interactive designers. Bringing together over 2000 images, this retrospective encapsulates Arnaud’s entire body of work.