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A new home for design

As the world’s largest independently owned design firm, Pentagram needs little introduction. Working across a broad spectrum of clients, Pentagram design is woven into the fabric of our culture and ubiquitous in our daily lives.

Having enjoyed a long partnership with the firm, beginning with the website redesign for Adweek in 2011 and continuing through the years on projects that include Billboard Magazine, Library of America and Charlie Rose, we felt uniquely positioned to elevate the firm’s website to meet their own high standard of design and performance.

Our approach focused on consolidating information into fewer entry points, providing more context and curation throughout and designing a browse and search experience that makes it easy to find and discover relevant work from within the firm’s expansive portfolio. Befitting the values of the firm, the work comes first and the visual design and information architecture aim to elevate the firm’s output. Functionally-focused, elegant animations provide hints on where to go next—making both navigating the site and browsing the work effortless and enjoyable.

“As a consultant myself, I can’t imagine a worse client than one with 20 equal owners, each of whom are opinionated and strong-minded, and most of whom have actually designed websites themselves. But that’s what AREA 17 was up against when they agreed to work with Pentagram. AREA 17 not only did a great job on our site, but structured a process that led to interesting discussions, clear decisions, and a result that we can claim as the best expression of our thinking and work.” — Michael Bierut, Partner

Pentagram 01a Home
Recent and milestone projects featured on the homepage
Pentagram 09aa Tablet Home Pentagram 09b Tablet Home Pentagram 09c Tablet Home Pentagram 09d Tablet Home Pentagram 09e Tablet Home
A curated selection of work above the fold on the homepage
Pentagram 02a Case Study Pentagram 02b Case Study
Project case studies include an image and story view

With an archive of nearly 1000 projects across a range of disciplines, it was crucial that the CMS allows partners to easily customize each case study.

A modular system with fixed and flowing underlying grids, individual projects can be optimized for the visuals that are best suited to it.

Visually-driven, all case study images open into a full-screen slideshow and for select projects, a secondary “story” view splits the screen into independent narrative and image panels.

Pentagram 02e Case Study
Pentagram 11d Tablet Pentagram 11e Tablet Pentagram 11f Tablet Pentagram 11g Tablet Pentagram 11h Tablet
Enlarged image view in lightbox mode
“AREA 17 not only did a great job on our site, but structured a process that led to interesting discussions, clear decisions, and a result that we can claim as the best expression of our thinking and work.” — Michael Bierut
Pentagram 01a Work Pentagram 01c Work Pentagram 01c Work
Different browsing options for 35 years of work
Pentagram 01d Search
'Type to search' more than 1000 projects

We wanted an archive that provided many entryways and which was fun to browse. The Work section of the website is organized primarily by Type of client and Type of project with an alternate listing of everything. Sliding between views, each has a slightly different grid and function, reinforcing the different lenses through which work can be explored.

Leaving nothing to chance, a powerful search that cleverly slides over the currently visible page is accessible throughout.

Pentagram 20a Mobile
Pentagram 20b Mobile Pentagram 20c Mobile Pentagram 20dd Mobile Menu
Pentagram 04 News
Activity feed containing latest news and press items

Not only is the website a showcase for Pentagram’s prolific output, but a hub for all of their rich contributions to the industry. Champions of design, the website includes a stream of regular columns, speaking engagements and podcasts.

Pentagram 06 Partners
Partner pages set on black to create contrast
Pentagram 05 Contact