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Antonin Caudron

Senior Engineering Specialist, Interface

As a Senior Engineering Specialist, Interface, Antonin excels at cutting edge data visualisation and animation technology, and can bridge the gap with back-end application technologies.

Before joining AREA 17, Antonin worked for 2 years as a full stack developer at Datagif, where he developed web applications for the French presidential election of 2017, special-event sites for the Dijon-Bourgogne national theatre, and other experiments around news and sports.

Antonin was studying to become a tennis teacher when he found his true calling: web development. He loves the constant brain-teasing and space for experimentation it offers. He is curious and rigorous in his work, always trying to figure out the best solution to each problem. Antonin has a Bachelor in Design and development from Gobelins school in Paris.

Outside of work, Antonin likes to play tennis (bien sûr), hangs out a lot at electronic music concerts and enjoys playing video games from time to time. He also secretly loves to get lost in the weirdest stuff on the internet, wandering between clickbaits and kitten GIFs, usually ending up scrolling through Russian rap suggestions on YouTube.