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In this unprecedented crisis with three billion people worldwide confined to their homes, the role of digital rose to—without hyperbole—a critical level. As we shelter in place, we look to digital to experience the outside world and rely on its utility to keep us safe, informed, educated, entertained, and connected. It is doing all the things it did before—only now, with more urgency and purpose than ever.

We often use the phrase, “access the internet to get off the internet” as we think our connectivity should contribute to a fuller, more profound experience of life. Now, as we commit ourselves to support our clients and our team during this challenging period, we cannot help but think that our work together—far more than ever before—must ensure the world that emerges is a positive one. 

There is no doubt that this fast-evolving crisis is having severe consequences for people’s health and economic activity. While the impact will be sharp and long-lasting, the effects will eventually pass, but threats to our security, privacy, freedom, access, and wellbeing will remain. In essence, the way we advance digital today is imperative to our collective future.

How can organizations enrich the lives of people right now, and how can it be done in a way that is resilient amidst a crisis? Further, how can we ensure that our work together has a positive impact on the post-coronavirus world that emerges? Uncertain times bring vast possibilities, serving as an impetus to catapult our society forward. Through our work, we are eager to contribute new ideas, hypotheses, design, and code to the new future that is unfolding. 

After attending to our people’s wellbeing and making all the necessary efforts to advance our client’s day-to-day-activity, our primary focus is to address these questions head-on with optimism and enthusiasm. Our collective response to this crisis—every action each of us takes—will define our success, our character, and the future of our world. 

From ours to yours,