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Kemp Attwood

CCO, Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner and CCO, Kemp leads the global design and strategy disciplines. An 11 year veteran of AREA 17, Kemp joined the agency first as a Design Director in the Paris studio before becoming a partner and returning Stateside to lead the New York studio. As with all partners, he is hands-on with clients, working as an executive creative director on client engagements.

Previously, Kemp worked as a senior art director at Second Story in Portland Oregon, creating websites and museum installations for National Geographic Society, the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He began his career as a designer at Blast Radius in Vancouver. Later, his work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio 3 garnered awards from Communication Arts, the Art Directors Club and the New York Festivals awards. Kemp studied in Toronto, Canada where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from York University and a Post-Diploma Certificate in New Media Design from the Bell Center for Creative Communications.

As the official caretaker of the plants in the New York studio, Kemp spends his Friday afternoons with a watering can. He also enjoys reading in the park, visiting museums and hikes with friends. He is Canadian, but we don’t hold it against him.