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Jemma Davis

Operations Director

As Operations Director at AREA 17, Jemma (she/her) is focused on growing the NY team and being an advocate for all team members in their professional journey. Having spent the last ~4 years in operations at AREA 17 and beyond, she's using this experience to take a strategic approach to our team growth and planning - from freelance to full-time. Jemma's biggest priority is to ensure our team has the time and the team to create our best possible work.

Jemma's career started in the social impact space where she managed a documentary film incubator and produced her own short film (Mile 19). She then joined A17 Operations in 2017 and learned the wild world of agency tetris (casting), timesheets, and team events while living in Brooklyn. In 2019 she moved back to her beloved Los Angeles, where she's from, to settle down in the sun. There, she has been freelancing in operations with clients like CUUPPop Up Grocer and A17. In 2021, Jemma returned to AREA 17 full-time, now as Operations Director, growing and fostering the best possible team for our NY studio.

When Jemma is not strategizing for new talent or teams, you'll find her tending to my compost bin, telling Pickles (my dog) to get off the couch or planning my next trip to New York to spend time with the team and get my East Coast weather fix.... and bagels :)