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Jassica Bouvier

Strategy Director

As Strategy Director, Jassica works to clarify business objectives and user insights in pursuit of actionable and inspiring brand strategies. From ideation to implementation, her goal is to ensure that the brand story meaningfully and creatively lives across the brand's ecosystem.

Before joining AREA 17, she worked at Beardwood&Co. developing strategies for brands from start-up to legacy, including projects with Anheuser-Busch and Hyatt Hotels. Prior to that, she worked in business development and programming innovation at NYU Stern, partnering with brands like IBM and Nespresso and launching the school's first business analytics program. She's also been a researcher in various capacities—from public opinion research on K-12 education to a book project on the history of the focus group. She has a BA in American History and an MBA, both from NYU.

Outside of work, you'll mostly find her in the kitchen testing out a new recipe, at any one of New York City's incredible museums, or—if it's summertime—at Rockaway Beach eating an arepa and enjoying the sun.