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Hannah Conway

Senior Strategy Specialist

As Senior Strategy Specialist, Hannah (she/her) drives the strategy and upholds the vision for the brands and digital products that we design, build, and grow. She partners closely with clients and interdisciplinary teams to guide projects from start to finish.

Hannah studied Art History at McGill University in Montreal. While pursuing her studies, she also worked at the Fondation Phi (then known as DHC/ART Foundation), where she spent many hours talking to visitors about contemporary art. Before joining AREA 17, Hannah worked at Brandpie, where she developed brand and marketing strategies for large and small organizations. Notable clients include the United Nations, the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Ernst & Young, AmeriCorps, and Genpact.

When Hannah’s not working, she enjoys going to art exhibitions, reading (mostly fiction), and taking long walks around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hannah volunteers with two non-profit organizations: The Appellate Project, which strives to bring more diverse representation to the USA’s highest courts, and the Wit Project, which pairs female technology students with non-profits to implement software solutions. She is extremely passionate about the advancement of women’s rights and the rights of Black, Asian, Latinx, and Indigenous people. Hannah is also a polyglot! She speaks English and French fluently, as well as some Spanish.