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George Eid

CEO, Founder

George is one of three partners. In 2003, he founded the agency in New York, then in 2006, opened the studio in Paris. In 2008, he started an incubator within the agency, developing products such as Subfolio, Slash, and Krrb. Most recently, George led the creation of Twill, an open-source CMS toolkit for Laravel used by most of our clients. As with all partners, he is hands-on, working as a strategic consultant with clients across both studios. 

George began designing and coding in 1994. He worked as a creative director at digital agencies for much of his career, primarily with enterprise clients. He led the creation of the Internet’s first two-way marketplaces for Caterpillar, the first worldwide agent extranet for State Farm, and the worldwide e-commerce platform for Compaq.

His career began in theatre, writing, and directing for the stage. Later he transitioned into filmmaking and produced an award-winning documentary in the Gaza Strip and its follow-up. Although no longer working in theatre or film, he still believes in the power of the ensemble, with his background manifest in his collaborative leadership style.

Of Lebanese descent, George’s parents hail from Jordan. He grew up in the heartland – born in Detroit, reared in Kentucky, raised in Chicago, and educated in Peoria. He moved to Brooklyn in 1997 and then to Paris in 2005, where he resides with his wife and daughter.

To say George loves food is an understatement. Like no kidding. He especially loves feeding people. If you are nice to him, he might surprise you with a batch of hummus. If you want to make him happy, give him a hot pepper, especially a jalapeno (so hard to find in France). Life is simple.