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Emilien Durand

Senior Strategy Director, UX

As a Senior Strategy Director, UX, Emilien provides elegant and simple answers to complex problems with a user-centered approach.

Before joining AREA 17, Emilien worked for 10 years as a freelancer with a variety of clients. He has a degree in Design, but is mostly self-taught when it comes to UX. He spent a long time juggling between coding and design, but finally oriented himself towards UX, because of his fascination for human behavior, the solving of complex issues and best of all feeling like he actually provides people with a useful product.

Emilien loves riding through the woods on his bike (preferably downwards), experiencing new things and old 90's US rap. He would rather listen than talk about himself, and gets quickly annoyed at badly conceived products. He also has a tendency to lose himself for long periods of time on Instagram.