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Elsa Huat

Production Director

As Senior Producer, Elsa manages projects from scope to launch, and beyond. She is passionate about creating products that will meet user needs with a high quality level of execution, and what she values the most is having a good synergy with her project team, within the agency as well as with clients.

Before joining AREA 17, Elsa worked for 7 years in digital marketing agencies like BETC and Fullsix. She notably participated to the Louis Vuitton City Guide App. She has a Masters degree in Communication from ISCOM School in Paris, and a Bachelor in Communication from the Netherlands.

Elsa is a travel junkie. She's just returning from a year exploring Brazil, Chile and Argentina. She loves the sea, the sky and nature as a whole. When she's not wandering the world, Elsa loves to get her culture on: movies, books, museums, theatre plays... She loves them all! She's also in the organization committee of the Biches Festival, a music festival in Normandy.