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Camille Badiqué

Engineering Specialist, Application

As Engineering Specialist, Application, Camille likes to exchange, to learn from others and to improve his knowledge in other disciplines. On the coding side, his motto is to produce clean code that respects good practices.

Camille has an unusual background in development. Passionate since he was a teenager about computers in general and sports (especially handball), he first decided to get a degree in "STAPS" (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities), with a specialization in sports and team events management. After a trip abroad, two big injuries and with computer science still on his mind, he decided to get a certified training degree in Web Development from O’Clock online school. Before joining AREA 17, he worked for Subvitamine, a digital agency that builds smart and connected apps, where he had the opportunity to work on projects for Carbookr and many other clients but also to develop two accounting management applications including dematerialization and invoices creation, as well as bank management.

Camille is always out walking, discovering new landscapes and exercising. He tried to learn the guitar but he prefers to watch a good handball match, live from the gymnasium or on TV! He also likes streaming and video games in general, as well as reading science fiction novels and watching movies. Last but not least, he did wait expectantly for his letter from Hogwarts when he was vain.