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Antonio Ribeiro

Engineering Director

As Engineering Director, Antonio is passionate by quality, performance, security, user experience and satisfaction, as well as beautiful design. He loves to interact with his teams to create and grow the best products. Being an avid consumer of new technology, he's always studying, researching, experimenting new ideas and pushing the tech stack forward.

Before joining AREA 17, Antonio worked for the Brazilian government for 18 years, where he led teams to complete projects on tight schedules, while also teaching PHP and Laravel to other developers. Since he started using free software, Antonio believes in the sustainability of open source software communities. His contribution to open source is remarkable in the Laravel and PHP communities, having created dozens of open source packages, that have today more than 13 million downloads and 11,000 Github stars, indirectly contributing to AREA 17's work, since some of those packages are being used by Twill. Around 2001 Antonio founded and managed a Linux based hosting service provider in Brazil, which was used for more than 10 years for thousands of users.

Antonio is a loving father and grandfather, a passionate traveler that loves connecting with other cultures, communicating using their language and appreciating their food and architecture. He's also a semi-pro photographer, dancer, percussionist, and Open Water diver. Antonio is fluent in French, English and, of course, his native language, Portuguese.