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Antoine Doury

Senior Interface Engineer

As Senior Interface Engineer, Antoine benefits from his training as a designer to craft responsive interfaces with composition and precision. He balances his passion for design with his dedication to performance and code simplicity. Antoine’s knowledge of JavaScript and building Single Page Applications can be experienced by using this very website. His key engagements include Krrb, iTélé, Doha Film Institute, Canal+, Facebook Live, Pinterest, SPIN, Wythe Hotel and l’Opéra national de Paris.

After graduating from Gobelins L'École de L'Image in France, Antoine worked as a graphic designer. Early in his career, his focus shifted towards interface interactivity and user experience efficiency, leading him down the engineering path. Before joining AREA 17 in 2010, he worked for a small digital studio with clients in banking, hospitality and contemporary art.

Antoine is a movie buff, cycling enthusiast and a proud father. In his (limited) free time, Antoine enjoys rock climbing and attempting to grow plants in his tiny urban garden.