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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Flourishing with difference and determination

Since our beginning in 2003, we’ve sought to be a more human company. We use the internet to enrich lives through our work and we offer a place of belonging for people who want to cultivate their craft deeply and substantially. We know that great work comes from great people living their lives to the fullest.

As an organization, we believe in human rights and that diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental to our vision of an open, resilient, and optimistic world. We know that to truly pursue our vision, we must embody it through the experiences of our team and clients, and through our collective contribution to society.

Informed by these principles, our DEI mission is to flourish with difference and determination. We’re consistently shaping our organization to represent the world we live in, to embrace continuous learning, and to give everyone what they need to contribute. We believe doing so fosters the multiplicity of skills, perspectives, and experiences required to deliver our craft, engage through impact and operate with soul.

As employers and creators, we recognize that we play an important role in correcting broader systems of inequalities — through our team experience, our portfolio of work, and our contribution to the industry. To serve our mission and vision, we’re committed to reimagining every aspect of our business through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • How we operate: We believe great work comes from great people living life to the fullest. We must cultivate a place of belonging that supports each person, their needs and their growth. 
  • How we deliver: We co-design brands and products to benefit everyone. We must ground our strategic method in inclusive design and accessibility practices. 
  • How we engage: We enrich society through the success of the company we keep. We must work with clients who aspire to create the world we want to live in. 

To support our ongoing progress, we work closely with a DEI partner to help guide us and have a DEI committee with members from our Paris and New York studios. Together with our leadership team, this group develops and advances a roadmap of priorities directly connected to our core business objectives.

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