New York





Powell May

Engineering Director

As an Engineering Director, Powell is passionate about the marriage of technology and design and its potential for changing the world for the better. He loves building happy, collaborative teams and helping them make a meaningful impact through their collective work.

As a life-longer learner, he is a strong advocate for the Open Web and the democratization of knowledge it provides. His first exposure to the web was in 1994, when he rolled in an HTML summer course which taught him how to make his own “web page.” He was instantly hooked, and soon discovered that the web’s capacity for connecting him with others and spent the remainder of his summer trolling his neighborhood for spare AOL “free trial” 3.5 floppy disks.

Before joining AREA 17, Powell helped build a digital practice at Sullivan, a brand engagement firm, working on mainly on open-source CMS implementations for financial services and higher-ed clients including Two Sigma, American Express, Cornell Tech, Yale, and Columbia University. Prior to Sullivan, he worked at a small digital startup, NoFavorite, focusing on website and e-commerce for fashion, arts, and culture clients including Tom Sachs, Sephora, Only NY, Christo, and Jeanne Claude. He graduated from Louisiana State University.

Outside of work, Powell enjoys cooking and can often be found visiting the various farmers' markets of Manhattan and lurking the sales rack at Sur La Table. He also dabbles in bespoke input device arts (mechanical keyboards) and enjoys wielding a soldering iron and hacking away at a keyboard firmware in C.