New York





Minh Nguyen

Associate Producer

With a degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Minh loves working with people, making things happen, and connecting the dots. He is a big believer in the concept of “gestalt”––the idea that the sum can be greater than its parts––and is excited to apply this collaborative outlook to his role as Associate Producer.

As an undergraduate, Minh apprenticed as a Case Team Assistant for a Boston consulting group, working on cases related to private business expansion and Vietnam’s socio-economic development policies. It was here that he realized his love for small teams and interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as his interest in digital project management. Minh later co-founded his creative studio, Collective Studio, which focuses on human-centered design and integrating Vietnamese culture and values into the modern era. 

Minh enjoys working with designers and developers to come up with innovative ideas, finding inspiration in digital developments like interactive media, generative design, AR/VR, and the Metaverse. 

Born and raised in Vietnam’s capital of Hanoi, Minh’s favorite foods include Vietnamese noodle soups and banh mi, though he’s also come to love other cuisines like the Creole and Cajun dishes of Louisiana. Before moving to the US, Minh loved hiking and paragliding––at one point becoming the youngest paragliding pilot in Vietnam––and enjoyed documenting his adventures through his landscape photography. He is an active (and avid) cinephile and a lifelong pianist and enjoys practicing other musical instruments.