New York





Jesse Reiner

Senior Producer

As a Senior Producer, Jesse sits at the intersection of business, technology, and design. Jesse likens the role of Producer to that of a seasoned diplomat. The careful negotiation between stakeholders while representing a shared product vision defines the work for him. Jesse brings an enthusiasm for consumer technology, experimentation, and the ability to balance customer and client needs effectively. Whether it’s drawing a product roadmap for a wiley startup or pitching a corporate client on a new brand identity, Jesse connects the dots with pragmatic, timely, user-oriented solutions. 

Jesse comes to AREA 17 with a unique background. Having spent the past two decades in the Bay Area and NYC, working with some of the biggest names in technology, he carries the same spirit of innovation to his work with clients at AREA 17. Whether he was solving product challenges within Second Life’s virtual world, shepherding Sony Playstation’s social network to launch, or designing new approaches to delivering financial news at Dow Jones, Jesse has successfully launched digital products and services for almost any type of organization and team. In addition to his client development work, Jesse is a Product Management Instructor at General Assembly, having mentored over 100 aspiring PMs to date. Jesse has a B.A. from Tufts University and an M.A. from San Francisco State University.  

Jesse is a synthesist and occasional performer who loves to travel whenever possible. His music has been featured on record and in festivals, art spaces, and concert venues worldwide. Jesse is also passionate about media theory, specifically how electronic communication technologies inscribe shared meaning between individuals. His other interests include politics and watching the news, controversial Houston sports teams, Mexican food, nightlife, documentaries, and supporting emerging visual artists.