New York





Jesse Golomb


To his role as Producer in the New York studio, Jesse applies his background in business analysis to all phases of the product life-cycle and project management to lead engagements through thoughtful communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Before joining AREA 17, Jesse was as an early employee at Radicle – a Dow Jones-backed firm that analyzes startups. He evaluated countless companies seeking to seize opportunities in their given markets, and the technologies, engagement strategies, growth hacks and business models they leverage to do so. With that, he has a close eye on the trajectory of technology and media, what works and what doesn’t. Prior his time at Radicle, Jesse was a strategist at Rokk3r Labs, a Miami-based innovation consultancy, and startup accelerator. There, he led the conception and development of new ventures in healthcare, music, and philanthropy, among other industries.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University, Jesse majored in Literary Studies and Communication Studies with a minor Corporate Strategy while in school. Despite his continuing adventures in business and technology, he is a writer at heart whose journalism has been published in ESPN, VICE, and Newsday. When not in the office, you can often find him eating spicy food, listening to hip-hop, or lying under a tree. Ideally— a combination of the three.