New York





August Tang


August (they/them) comes from a Swiss-informed background—sensibility and logic guide their decisions as a designer. However, visual experimentation and pushing boundaries through technology drive their curiosities as a thinker and a dreamer.

Hailing from the Phoenix desert, August earned a bachelor of science in design at Arizona State University, minoring in studio art and business. Before joining the AREA 17 team, they were a designer at BrandLoyal, a creative studio in Phoenix.  August’s empathy for others fuels their pursuit of design for social justice, and they explore every opportunity to do that through side projects as well as now through their work at AREA 17. Previously, August worked on an app that streamlines the discharge process for hospital patients in psychiatric wards and they designed a charity book containing quotes from a pro-Palestine, Taylor Swift superfan who went to prison for refusing to join the IDF. As a nonbinary creative who uses they/them pronouns, they also completed several projects to help educate others about nonbinary gender, including an artist book, paintings, exhibit, and website,

As an ex-Biology major, a powerlifting national record breaker, and an Offer Up entrepreneur, August has a set of ever-expanding, colorful hobbies and interests. On weekends, you can find them outdoors with their grandpa’s Minolta film camera or in the kitchen cooking a new recipe.