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Web Support Manager


We are in search of a technical support engineer or technical project manager with leadership qualities who is process-oriented, customer-focused, and highly collaborative to join us as a Web Sustainability Manager. This role is part of our production team, however you will collaborate deeply with the engineering team, and work closely with our product quality team.

Successful candidates have a technical support background in an agency setting with experience managing multiple support retainers at once. You will own the entire process of what product sustainability means to AREA 17. We seek someone who has the ability to understand all technical aspects of software development and maintenance from both an application and server perspective, especially performance, security, and code sustainability. This position requires equal amounts of collaboration with internal stakeholders, external vendors and external clients.

The role

The role of Web Sustainability Manager is the primary contact and manager for all clients within a maintenance retainer. These are clients who worked with AREA 17 to build a digital product and depend on us for product sustainability, which includes maintenance, enhancements, and new implementation. As the face of AREA 17 for our product sustainability program, you believe that great customer support, proactive communication, and excellent process programming are paramount to successful outcomes.

Along with the ability to deliver great support while managing client expectations and vendors who will perform maintenance work, this role requires you to manage external vendors who will perform maintenance work and engage directly with internal project teams for enhancements and new implementation. To ensure the success of the digital products we build, this role requires effective time management to plan and work within a defined timeline.

Your previous experience should show us that:

  • You have extensive technical support experience and/or technical project management background with the tactical skills needed to gracefully manage multiple simultaneous retainers for diverse clients and industries;
  • You have supported technically complex projects and your support experience is in sophisticated digital products and their long term maintenance and growth;
  • You are a trusted leader and an active collaborator, able to inspire teammates in multiple disciplines, with interdisciplinary understanding of strategy, design and engineering;
  • You have the ability to accurately gauge the level of work required for clients both entering into new or renewing their retainers to ensure that the maintenance tier we have selected for them is accurate and reflects their needs;
  • You are an organized presenter and natural facilitator capable of parsing and communicating complex ideas to differentiated audiences, internally and externally;
  • You are an innovative problem-solver and creative thinker, delivering tangible support solutions with clear goals and concrete results;
  • You are an empathetic and curious people person who builds and grows genuine relationships through confidence, passion, trust and respect;
  • You are interested in being proactive in your approach to clients as someone who not only says “yes” we’ll take care of that, but also “we reviewed your site and we see these 5 issues, we are going to take care of those too”;
  • You are able to speak to the technical aspects of a platform with authority as someone who has the technical chops to be able to talk to the client’s technical team and relay their needs to the development team confidently.

Your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Maintain relationships with each of our clients both at the tailend of the initial engagement but also throughout the sustainability program;
  • Create varied documentation for planning, reporting and active project deliverables, from actionable meeting notes and weekly reporting to proposal scopes, test scripts and user flows;
  • Actively manage project health, including proactive scenario planning as relates to resourcing and budgeting, as well as in seeking opportunities for the project team experience and product innovation;
  • Assist in the vendor selection process as needed for AREA 17 development teams from drafting briefs and gathering bids, to working with operations and finance team to finalize contracts;
  • Respond to email and ticketed requests from the client in a timely fashion, including prioritization by severity;
  • Write and maintain the Statement of Work for each maintenance retainer client;
  • Meet with each client every other week to set priorities, plan each development cycle, and manage the development team;
    Meet with developers to make sure nothing is blocking development;
  • Setup monitoring tools and run quarterly auditing tools for performance, security, SEO, and code quality.

The production team

The Production team is the nexus of our disciplines and offering— the hub, where our products come to life. As the day to day driver of AREA 17 projects, we bring concepts and ideas into reality through the active articulation of creative, strategic, and technical ideas. Within project teams, with clients and with one another, our producers are responsible managers and consummate collaborators who apply these skills to serve our collective mission — to make great work and live great lives.

AREA 17 is a digital product agency

As a company we value arts and culture, education and design, free expression and social progress. With a commitment to design excellence and engineering performance, we create brands and digital products for acclaimed museums, academic institutions, design organizations, and editorial platforms in the public and private sectors, as well as innovative start-ups, brands, nonprofits and philanthropies.

We are an equal opportunity employer

Fundamentally, we are committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff, and recognizes that its continued success depends on hiring and retaining high-quality, creative professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Opportunities for advancement exist for all employees – we invest in each member of the team to develop, grow and advance, individually and as a team.

We strongly encourage everyone to apply. AREA 17 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, and/or disability, veteran status, or any other protected category under federal, state or local law. Discrimination is unacceptable, illegal and not tolerated at our agency.