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Strategy Director


We are looking for a Strategy Director to join the Strategy team in our New York studio. As a Strategy Director, you’ll drive the strategy and set the vision for the brands and digital products that we design, build and grow. On projects, in the role of Product Director, you serve as the product owner on our teams, leading projects from discovery through launch. In this role, your success is gauged through the efficient interplay of design, technology and branding in our final products, and through our client’s achievement.

Your experience should show us that:

  • You have ample agency or digital product experience, and this is supported by the strategic and tactical skills needed to gracefully direct multiple projects for diverse clients and industries.
  • You’re an organized presenter, natural facilitator, and strategic writer capable of communicating complex ideas to very different audiences. You inspire confidence in client executives and colleagues alike, and serve as stress reducer and proactive connector in pressure-filled situations.
  • You have a deep understanding of digital strategy, with a backdrop in user experience design, production, and development. While not hands-on with the design or development itself, your strategic frameworks and metrics chart the course for each product’s success. Ultimately, your fluency in digital processes and innovation empowers the makers on your team.
  • You’re an innovative problem-solver and creative thinker, delivering tangible solutions with concrete results. Your track record shows a pattern of innovation despite project constraints. You’re more than theories and wild ideas -- you’ve found ways to get your ideas off the whiteboard and into the world.
  • You’re a trusted leader and an active collaborator, able to inspire teammates in multiple disciplines, speak the language of strategy, design and engineering, and deliver feedback that elevates performance.

As a Strategy Director your primary responsibilities will be to:

  • Direct overall product and brand vision, concept and strategies
  • Define product strategy and articulate it through clear goals and KPIs
  • Guide clients and teams to strategic product decisions, illustrating concepts through clear frameworks and diagrams when necessary
  • Craft all strategic writing, including strategic decks, responses and creative briefs; the foundations of the project
  • Direct and inspire design, engineering and production teams
  • Ensure the business goals and user-needs are satisfied through the final product
  • Ensure the creative quality of products through clear feedback and direction
  • Serve as a trusted advisor to management-level clients, quickly building comfortable rapport
  • Guide and present strategic responses to prospective clients in pitches

The Team

The Strategy team identifies actionable opportunities and prioritizes them by value, effort, and risk—we intend to start 'doing' as quickly as possible. We bring concepts and ideas into reality through the active articulation of creative, and technical ideas that ladder up to the strategic product vision aligned with business goals. Common activities include product road mapping, conducting user research and planning content and technology.

AREA 17 is a digital product agency

As a company, we value arts and culture, education and design, free expression and social progress. With a commitment to design excellence and engineering performance, we create brands and digital products for acclaimed museums, academic institutions, design organizations, and editorial platforms in the public and private sectors, as well as innovative start-ups, brands, nonprofits and philanthropies.

Benefits of working with AREA 17

At AREA 17, we believe making great work and living great lives are inextricably linked—and must work synchronously to achieve harmony. In crafting our benefit programs, we emphasize our employees’ wellness and offer competitive packages including medical, dental, and vision plans with low or no deductible; robust flexible PTO allowance; paid family leave; and subsidized transit benefits to name a few.

We are an equal opportunity employer

We are committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff, and recognize that our continued success depends on hiring and retaining high-quality, creative professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Opportunities for advancement exist for all employees – we invest in each member of the team to develop, grow and advance, individually and as a team. AREA 17 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, and/or disability, veteran status, or any other protected category under federal, state or local law.