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Program Manager


We are looking for a Program Manager to join our global Business Operations team, in the New York studio. As Program Manager, you provide the internal, coordinated management across business operations and production. Your focus is to achieve overarching business objectives through two core and ongoing workstreams — managing interdependent company workflow, relating to departments, projects and people, and coordinating the continued standardization of AREA 17’s offering and communications.

Working directly with the Global Managing Director, who is responsible for the company’s operational strategy and growth, you will be hands on across the New York and Paris studios to implement the evolving and expanding organizational strategy. Through the GMD’s direction and with close collaboration across the company, you will ultimately help drive efficiency, consistency and company growth through strengthened and steadied process and inter-company management.

Your previous experience should show us that…

  • you have a degree or earned experience in business or service design, and live to deploy that experience to create sound organizational infrastructure. The service design and structures that you create enable increased creativity, collaboration and clarity for interdisciplinary teams and the clients they support.
  • you’re an innovative problem solver and creative thinker— you drive excellent results through consistent and results-driven ideas and proactive innovation. You never let anything fall through the cracks, because that would drive you crazy… and you’d find a solution or escalate to others before it did.
  • you have a deep understanding of digital production, strategy and design through development and maintenance. Your output isn’t the creative or product itself, but your confidence in its process ensures the success of the makers you partner with and empower.
  • you’re a great listener, organized thinker and a strong communicator — as a born collaborator, connector and project manager, you value clear communication, efficiency and productivity above all else. If flexible processes are in place, people are empowered, and priorities are set, you’re confident in the work product. Even under pressure, when you’re running the logistical show, everyone knows it’s going off without a hitch and their respective puzzle pieces fall into place with ease (or at least with a smile!).

As Program Manager your primary responsibilities will be to…

Actively manage resources and talent productivity, including:

  • Liaising with Producers on a regular basis, ensuring tracking tools are consistently up to date and to surface potential needs, conflicts or openings.
  • Strategic recommendations for resourcing opportunities and skill-mapping, in consultation with Department Heads and Global Managing Director
  • Active weekly reporting of open or overbooked resources, opportunities, and trends to department heads and senior leadership/ partners

Serve as the internal connective tissue between business operations (finances, HR, business development) and project work and teams. As such, you will hold the high level understanding of moving pieces and priorities, both at a project and company level and confidently own the following internal communication and processes:

  • First responder for day to day troubleshooting, prioritization and escalation in close collaboration with Global Managing Director.
  • Consolidating all internal, executive communications — e.g. Collating and contextualizing all weekly reports from finance, business development, and production into a single, weekly memo
  • Manage studio archives, including project wrap ups, file consolidation, case study preparation, etc.
  • Facilitate and manage production and operations tools and accounts, ensuring we’re efficiently utilizing our tools to their best capabilities


  • Generous health and dental package
  • MetroCard program (pre-tax, 50% co-pay)
  • 12 paid days off
  • Paid company closures on all bank holidays
  • Paid break between Christmas and New Year