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Interface Engineer


We are looking for an Interface Engineer to join our Front End team in our Brooklyn studio. As an Interface Engineer, you will collaborate with designers and application engineers to bring digital products to life. You sit at the crossroads of design and technology, with a keen eye for detail and passion for performant, clean code.

You will be responsible for building front end templates and modules, testing design concepts in prototypes, and assisting the Technical Director in researching front end project setup. Working closely with all members of the project team, you will translate AREA 17’s exacting design methodology into code.

Your previous experience shows us that…

  • You have expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript. This is not your first rodeo; you leverage HTML5 for semantic markup and maintain separation of concerns. You implement mobile-first responsiveness and ensure your styles work cross-browser. You can code vanilla JS and are diligent in minimizing layout thrash. You know when to reach for a JS framework (React, Vue, Polymer), and when to abstain. You embrace progressive enhancement, and know how to layer new technologies onto a backwards compatible core. You know how to plan for, measure, and enhance performance.
  • Your written and verbal communication is clear and concise. You can articulate complex technological concepts to fellow engineers and translate for non-engineers. You are adept at navigating technical conversations with both team members and clients alike.
  • You have an understanding of agency workflow and are an expert collaborator. Comfortable in a fast-paced environment, you are able to pivot between work streams; you can focus on one project for an extended duration or contribute to multiple projects simultaneously.
  • You’re passionate about developing your craft as an engineer. Following industry-accepted standards, specifications and best practices, you read CSS-Tricks and Smashing Magazine, subscribe to WDRL, contribute to or follow open source projects. You love learning new technologies, but are discerning enough to know which aren’t production-ready.

As an Interface Engineer, your primary responsibilities will be to…

  • Build responsive front end systems with special attention to performance and fidelity to design. AREA 17 is passionate about design and so a key tenet for our front end engineering team is ensuring pixel-perfect accuracy in all templates.
  • Collaborate on research and experimentation for client and internal project work. Our team is dedicated to developing our process through group meetings and knowledge shares; you will be integral in helping the whole department stay up-to-date.
  • Support the back end engineer in application integration (RoR, PHP, Wordpress).
  • Write specs and documentation for readmes, internal documentation as needed.

Benefits at AREA 17:

  • Generous Health and Dental Package
  • MetroCard Program (Pre-tax, 50% co-pay)
  • 12 vacation days
  • All bank holidays
  • Paid break between Christmas and New Year