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Full-Stack Developer


We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer to join our Sustainability team in our New York studio. As a Full-Stack Developer, you will perform maintenance and site enhancements across a growing portfolio of clients with direction from the Sustainability Manager. The core objectives of the Sustainability program are two-fold — as a warranty for our clients to ensure quality established in their initial launch is maintained; as well, to seek ongoing strategic improvements to their products. Your role in this program is to perform the engineering lift needed to accomplish these core objectives through the application of your command in full-stack development.

As a full-stack developer, you embody a versatile approach and deep technical command in solving interface and application engineering opportunities. With your command of front-end code — you collaborate at the crossroads of design and technology, with a keen eye for detail and passion for performant, clean code, you translate AREA 17’s exacting design methodology into pixel perfect interfaces. You will be responsible for building and maintaining front-end templates and modules. As a full-stack developer, you will be responsible for building both the frontend and backend applications for our clients using either a custom framework (including Laravel or Rails or a packaged solution (Wordpress, Drupal...). You will be both be designing front-end templates and features and at the same time working through the server side build. Your expert knowledge in both of these areas is integral to this role.

Front-end languages and frameworks you should be expert in….

  • Semantic HTML
  • CSS, with preprocessors such as SCSS
  • Vanilla Javascript (not necessarily relying on ES6)
  • Barba.js
  • Task runners including Gulp, Grunt, and NPM modules

Back-end languages and frameworks you should be expert in….

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Laravel, Rails or other MVC framework
  • Wordpress
  • Deploy flows and scripts such as Forge and Ansible
  • Writing and maintaining virtual machines via Docker or similar
  • You have knowledge about provisioning popular web servers (AWS, Digital Ocean...) using external tools (Docker, Ansible…)

In addition to the technical specifications above, your previous experience should show us that…

  • Your written and verbal communication is clear and concise. You can articulate complex technical concepts to fellow engineers and translate for non-engineers. You are adept at navigating technical conversations with both team members and clients alike.
  • You have an understanding of agency workflow and are an expert collaborator. Comfortable in a fast-paced environment, you are able to pivot between work streams; you can focus on one project for an extended duration or contribute to multiple projects simultaneously.
  • You’re passionate about developing your craft as an engineer. Following industry-accepted standards, specifications and best practices, you read CSS-Tricks and Smashing Magazine, subscribe to WDRL, contribute to or follow open source projects. You love learning new technologies but are discerning enough to know which aren’t production-ready.

As a Full-stack Developer, your primary responsibilities will be to…

  • Build responsive front-end systems with special attention to performance and fidelity to design. AREA 17 is passionate about design and so a key tenet for our front-end engineering team is ensuring pixel-perfect accuracy in all templates.
  • Build backend applications with special attention to performance, extensibility, sustainability, and security.
  • Extend application features by building interfaces to 3rd party services (API, JSON)
  • Set up codebases and various environments (local, test, production) with deployment tools to be used by the other developers of the team.
  • Collaborate on research and experimentation for client and internal project work. Our team is dedicated to developing our process through group meetings and knowledge shares; you will be integral in helping the whole department stay up-to-date.
  • Write specs and documentation for readmes, internal documentation as needed.

The Sustainability team

The Sustainability Program is both a warranty for our clients to ensure quality established in their initial launch is maintained; as well, to seek ongoing strategic improvements to their products. By extension, the Engineering team develops custom software that responds to business needs. We approach this as a fundamental part of our design process and write high-quality code that prioritizes reliability, scalability, and performance.

AREA 17 is a digital product agency

As a company, we value arts and culture, education and design, free expression and social progress. With a commitment to design excellence and engineering performance, we create brands and digital products for acclaimed museums, academic institutions, design organizations, and editorial platforms in the public and private sectors, as well as innovative start-ups, brands, nonprofits and philanthropies.

Benefits of working with AREA 17

At AREA 17, we believe making great work and living great lives are inextricably linked—and must work synchronously to achieve harmony. In crafting our benefit programs, we emphasize our employees’ wellness and offer competitive packages including medical, dental, and vision plans with low or no deductible; robust flexible PTO allowance; paid family leave; and subsidized transit benefits to name a few.

We are an equal opportunity employer

We are committed to building and maintaining a diverse staff, and recognize that our continued success depends on hiring and retaining high-quality, creative professionals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Opportunities for advancement exist for all employees – we invest in each member of the team to develop, grow and advance, individually and as a team.

AREA 17 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap, and/or disability, veteran status, or any other protected category under federal, state or local law.