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Yael Gamson


In her role as a Producer, Yael strives to foster mutual curiosity and continuous learning. She provides 360-degree oversight of a project from start to finish, facilitating casting, integrating client feedback, advancing towards project objectives, and delivering key milestones.

Before joining AREA 17, Yael was the lead Digital Producer at Ad Age. Her early career was focused on the creative side, after having earned a degree in Photography and Art History. Some of the highlights of this period include working with fashion magazines and some of the most renowned photographers of our generation. It was a few years later, while working as a Post Producer, that she discovered her knack for working “behind the scenes” and getting things done.

Yael was born and raised in Israel. Growing up, she spent a significant time outdoors, and to this day she is happiest camping or hiking. She spends her free time searching flea markets for vintage cameras and vinyl, biking around, eating delicious meals, and meeting friends at the local park.