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Tateana Khokhar

Associate Strategist

Tatéana started at AREA 17 as a Strategy Apprentice and now as an Associate Strategist, is honing her skills in research and supporting diverse AREA 17 partnerships. She finds a thrill in discovering meaningful understandings and insights by falling down rabbit holes and barking up trees until she arrives at an answer to her questions. Her key client engagements include Google, CannonDesign, and OpenAI.

Though not a fashion major, she is a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology and holds a BFA in Advertising and Digital Design, with a minor in psychology. During her studies, she received a 2021 Merit Award from the Young Ones and a highly commended award from the Creative Conscience. In addition, she was selected as a 2021 MAIP Fellow, a nationwide professional development program, and interned at Mediacom as a media planner.

Tatéana has created art her whole life, ranging from layered papercuts to felting. When not nicking her fingers with her own X-Acto knife, she is trying, with various degrees of success, to keep her two cats away from her pet snake.