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Simi Segun

Strategy Apprentice

Simi enjoys embarking on the treasure hunt of research projects. As a Strategy Apprentice at AREA 17, she is excited to learn how to use research findings to help brands create and reinvent their products.

Simi recently completed a year-long service program in Nigeria’s sovereign wealth fund, working with their infrastructure team to collect data and insights to help establish two agriculture developments in the country. Before this, her professional experience included editorial work in writing and consulting. 

Simi recently graduated from Babson College with a degree in Business Administration, with double concentrations in Literary and Visual Arts & Global and Regional Studies. She was among twelve students in her graduating class to receive a Glavin Global Fellows Certificate for engaging in a global academic experience, which included courses in Spanish and Japanese, a semester abroad in London, and a research grant award that she used to study how education is used to combat youth gender-based violence in Bridgetown, Barbados. 

In her free time, Simi likes to take long walks wherever home is at that moment, or meander around bookstores and resist buying more books than she can feasibly read.