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Peter DuCharme

Senior Application Engineer

As a Senior Application Engineer, Peter finds inspiration in the marriage of elegant code with thoughtful design. Learning and sharing with his teammates motivates him to deliver better work and explore the what-ifs. Key engagements at AREA 17 include the Harvard Radcliffe Institute, TrueCar, and Pentagram.

Before AREA 17, Peter’s career led him to both web development and music scenes. Peter studied film scoring at Berklee College of Music, starting his development career at Hill Holliday Interactive in Boston as a self-taught programmer, moving onto Lycos in the search division while writing music for Volkswagen at night. He liked writing music so much that, for the next decade, Peter ran a New York-based music company. During this time, he wrote jingles during the day and coded at night to build online systems for client approval, develop asset delivery systems for production studios, and design a music library search system. Transitioning more exclusively back to web development, he served as lead developer at science publication, Nautilus, for several years before joining the web production team at New York Magazine. 

Outside of work, Peter enjoys living at the beach and hiking along the shore, loves old modular synthesizers, cassette tapes, and recording music with “no commercial potential.”