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Nicolas Rouyer

User Experience Designer

As a UX Designer, Nicolas has a deep curiosity for how things work and is always on the search for users' satisfaction.

Self-taught, Nicolas started working for small associations and local organizations as a teenager and then proceeded to get a short training in graphic design which led him to become an art director for communication agencies, big advertising firms, and startups. In 2015, he developed his own project around photobooths, allowing him to study user experience in both physical and digital worlds. The workshop work using wood and metal complemented web designing. These projects between physical devices and web platforms finally made him want to explore the web design further within a team of specialists.
Nicolas loves to observe in detail and understand how things are done. In his Montreuil workshop, he creates whatever crosses his mind with any materials and techniques available. He and his friends develop whimsical atmospheres and devices to gather people of all ages to share a unique moment.