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Myles Potters

Program Manager, Product Care

As a program manager for the Product Care team, Myles brings his passion for creativity through technology to every project he leads. Having overseen the Care program since its inception in 2017, Myles has a deep understanding of long-term client needs across an actively expanding portfolio of digital products.

Before joining AREA 17, Myles was an integrated producer at DDB, running large projects with many layers of account. Previously, Myles was at McCann, where he sat with the nimble digital innovations group, working on projects spanning web, interactive, and physical design. While at IPG’s Media Lab, Myles researched emerging technologies for brand partnerships and integrated findings into digital products, experiences, and advertising opportunities. Myles completed his Masters of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communications at NYU’s Steinhardt School.

When he's not running projects, Myles is recording, producing, and composing music for a variety of artists, as well as sound designing installations, performance pieces, and soundtracks.