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Maria Fang

User Experience Designer

As a User Experience Designer and researcher, Maria takes complex problems and turns them into simple, elegant digital products. Always mindful of user needs and business strategy, Maria works closely with clients, product leads, designers, and developers to create meaningful experiences. Her skillset includes research, usability testing, visual design, and a passion for understanding human behavior.

Before joining the AREA 17 team, Maria was a Product Designer at NBC News Digital where she was a part of redesigning brand identities and online editorial experiences. Maria graduated with a Master’s degree from the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, with a focus on experience design and data analysis and visualization. Prior to becoming a designer, the majority of her working years were spent in TV production, film, and performance. Maria also plans to one day expand her UX practice into VR and to deepen her interest in behavioral science.

Maria was born in the States and raised in Taiwan. Her brain switches its default language depending on which one she spoke in her dream the night before. When she is not at work, you will find her trying out new restaurants, exploring farmers markets, or watching TV with her orange tabby cat Bongo.