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Joyce Verheije

Senior Engineering Specialist, Application

As Senior Engineering Specialist, Application, Joyce supports the team with her strong experience with various CMS and frontend solutions, however specializing in Twill, AREA 17's open-source CMS for Laravel. Always running after a new challenge, she loves focusing on optimizing the user and developer experiences of the product she’s working on.

Before joining AREA 17 as a full-time employee, Joyce actually spent most of her career collaborating with AREA 17 as a freelance full-stack engineer. Her key engagements include The Economist, Princeton University Press, Van Clef & Arpels, Samsung, Neri Oxman and Maison Gainsbourg. Joyce studied Visual Communications early on and then obtained a degree in IT services with a focus on software development and business modelling, through a French institute that offers distance learning programs.

Born in the region of Metz, France, Joyce can now claim to be both a Parisian and a New-Yorker, having moved in and out of both cities in the last couple of years. In New York, she enjoyed the abundance of dog parks for her lovely Pomeranian. In Paris, she's happy to have access to all the best cheese there is. Anywhere she is, she can’t really function without music, and she’ll gladly share her playlists if you ask!