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Ewomazino Ukah

Senior Interface Engineer, Care

As a Senior Interface Engineer, Care, Mazi works closely with designers and application engineers to build performant, functional, and pixel-accurate interfaces. His key engagements include Pentagram, Aspen Ideas, Wyss Institute, Fondation Louis Vuitton, and International Energy Agency (IEA). Mazi is driven to develop fun, exciting, and impactful web applications, ensuring every codebase he works on maintains a high standard of readability, modularity, and performance. 

Mazi studied Computer Engineering at Covenant University in Nigeria and completed multiple courses outside his university education, earning an expert IQ rating on Pluralsight in React.js, PHP, and Vue.js. Starting his career as a software engineer at CardinalStone, Mazi played a pivotal role as part of the team that built and maintained the client trading web portal and cross-platform mobile applications. While there, Mazi made critical decisions about the application’s architecture and design. He also developed an e-learning platform that allows instructors to host their learning content and students to access this content using React (Next.js) and Laravel while working closely with the design team.

Mazi currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. In his free time, Mazi enjoys listening to music and watching TV shows and loves Pepperoni pizza.