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Cynthia Nasr

Associate Partnerships Specialist

As Associate Partnerships Specialist, Cynthia guides clients through the process of AREA 17's methodology and strategies. She builds relationships and ensures a smooth onboarding to the teams for a perfect project set up.

Before joining AREA 17, Cynthia completed her master’s degree from IE Business as a Visual and Digital Media student, graduating top of her class. She also worked across several industries as a booking agent, strategist, customer relations manager and project developer in Lebanon, Dubai and Spain. Her responsibilities ranged from brand development, market research, campaign planning & curation all while leading a team.

When she is not working, Cynthia spends her time DJing and curating music playlists that she shares online “a playlist for every mood” under the pseudoname neighborsbymusic. Having a strong background in music, professionally and personally, music is very important to her and is always the perfect icebreaker when meeting new people.