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Camila Engelbert

Production Director

As a Production Director, Camila is the ultimate facilitator. Conceptually, she approaches projects as systems with their own series of constraints — client expectations, team motivation, time and budget limitations; her role within that system is to navigate the specific circumstances of each project to bring the team to the right solution, together. Across all of her professional experiences is an unending passion for engaging audiences through storytelling, design, and technology.

Camila's career began as an animator in Mexico City where she grew up and attended college. After moving to New York in 2004, Camila earned a Masters degree in Digital Design at NYU. Stumbling into production by way of working on large and complex motion graphics projects, Camila found the perfect balance between a stress-induced buzz and the enormous satisfaction of getting things done.

Prior to joining AREA 17, Camila lead data-driven and interactive ad campaigns for clients such as Disney and Google. She lead developers and designers in two continents and managed activations and clients all over the world. Before returning to marketing and advertising, she created numerous award-winning media and technology-driven installations for the American Museum of Natural History.

When her mind is not on a project, it is probably occupied with thoughts of all things edible. Camila loves to cook and eat above all else. She spends most of her free time exploring the world with her kids, restoring an old wooden boat, or sailing in the Long Island Sound.